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Tired of the same old coffee shop? Want something new? Prabhu’s Cafe knows exactly what you are looking for. We wanted to create a place for you to share those ‘special moments’ and that’s why we are here. No matter how old you are, no matter from which part of the world you come, we have all that you are looking for. The right food, the right taste, the right drink, the right ambience, so drop in at Prabhu’s Cafe and you will understand what we are saying. Service is what we are known for, so be ready to be pampered my dear friends because you are our kings and queens.

We never compromise with taste and that’s what keeps us going. But is food the only thing that drags you to a café? Of course not, you want something that you might not find anywhere else. Yes, you will not find the tasty snacks that we serve at Prabhu’s Cafe anywhere else. But there is something else as well that is unique about this place. Want to guess what? Yes, you got it right, it’s the atmosphere.

You will surely take pleasure in each moment spend here. Once you enter this place, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to leave. This is not what we say, but this is what our precious customers say.
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